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Digital user guides

How to setup and use favourites

1. Press the MENU button on your remote.

2. Scroll to Tuning.

3. Scroll to Favorite Manager.

4. Press OK.

5. Highlight a channel and press the Red button to add it to the first favourites list.

6. Selected channels will be indicated by a check mark.

7. Repeat this process to add channels as needed to the first favourite list.

8. To add channels to the second favourite list, scroll to the channel and press the Green button.

9. To remove a channel from the first favourite list, scroll to the channel and press the Red button.

10. The check mark will be removed.

11. Press Cancel/Exit to exit the menu and save the changes.

12. To select your favourite channel lists, press the FAV. button.

13. Scroll to the required favourite list.

14. Scroll to required channel.

15. Press OK to select the required favourite channel.

16. The selected favourite channel is displayed.