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    Switches the TV between On and Standby.
  • MUTE
    Press to mute sound, press again to restore sound.
  • Numeric buttons
    Numeric buttons for direct channel selections or track/chapter numbers.
    Display channel list. (ATV / DTV mode)
  • SWAP
    Return to the previous viewing channel. (ATV / DTV mode)
  • P.MODE
    Picture mode selection: Dynamic/ Standard / Mild / Personal.
  • S.MODE
    Select sound mode: standard / Music / Movie / Personal.
    Select among different input signal sources: DTV / ATV / AV / SCART / YPbPR / DVD / HDMI1 / HDMI2 / HDMI3 / PC / USB.
  • CH + / -
    Programme Down / Page up — Programme Up / Page Down
  • VOL + / -
    Volume Up / Down
  • INFO
    Display the present screen information such as the current channel and input source.
    Select from the following mode settings: 16:9 / Zoom 1 / Zoom 2 / Auto / 4:3.
  • EPG
    Display the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). (DTV mode)
  • Navigation buttons
    Allows you to navigate the OSD menus and adjust the system settings to your preference.
  • OK
    • Confirm the selection in the OSD menus
    • Display a list of channels saved in the TV tuner memory.
  • MENU
    Display the OSD (On Screen Display) menu.
  • EXIT
    Exit the OSD (On Screen Display) menu.
  • Play / Pause
    • To start the timeshift playback. (DTV mode)
    • To start playback or pause. (USB mode)
  • Stop
    Press once to stop. (USB)
  • Record
    • Record the current programme. (DTV mode)
  • YELLOW / Skip Backwards
    • Turn on and off the Teletext function. (ATV / DTV mode)
    • To skip to the beginning of the previous chapter / track / photo. (USB mode)
    Display the subtitle which is broadcast with the program. (DTV mode)
  • BLUE / Skip Forward
    • Freezes a multi-page passage on screen in teletext. (ATV / DVD mode)
    • To skip to the beginning of the the next chapter / track / photo. (USB mode)
  • GREEN / Fast Forward
    • Reveals hidden information such as the answer to a quiz in teletext. (ATV / DTV mode)
    • To advance playback rapidly. (USB mode)
  • RED / Rewind
    • To exit teletext mode. (ATV / DTV mode)
    • To reverse playback rapidly. (USB mode)
  • Coloured buttons
    Accesses the TELETEXT items or channel edit when using Digital / Freeview TV channels. (ATV / DTV mode)
    • Display the subpage on the teletext screen. (ATV / DTV mode)
    • To select the page number of the index from teletext. (ATV / DTV mode)
  • FAV
    Select favourites list.